How to Open APK File on Windows, Android,OS

APK stands for Android Package Kit. Almost all the apps you use on your phone are APK files. These files cannot be directly opened on Windows 10 and there are various ways to run them. You must have wondered about them while using Android devices.

How to open APK files on Windows?

Find out how to open and run APK files on Windows with the help of these processes:


Emulation has never been used much but the discovery of smartphones has made the task a lot easier. With less energy consumption and much more productivity, they solve various issues related to emulation.


Many attempts have been made to translate console games to PC’s language but until the smartphones came, they weren’t effective at all due to disparity among different devices.

Bluestacks Emulator

APK emulators have been introduced in a large number but Bluestacks emulator is the most famous one among all. It helps in making the apps work and once installed in your windows 10, it grants access to various gaming and social apps, etc.

Bluestacks Emulator

It displays the Google Playstore just as you get to see it in Android phones and makes the functioning quite smooth. You get a chance to easily install apps and run them as effectively as you run on mobile phones. It will save you from dealing with countless bugs and sideloading apps to ensure a smooth experience.

PC Ports

PC Ports

These are responsible for providing modified versions of Android on your Windows 10 system. Commonly used are Remix OS and Android-x86 projects.

How to open APK files on a computer?

The PC’s operating system does not have much capacity to run APK files. Here browser extensions and emulators assist in solving the problem. You must have seen APK files in zip format and the Android Emulator helps in stimulating these files on your computer like an Android device.

There are many Android emulators like MeMu, LDL Player, YouWave, etc. Just go to the My Apps section and tap on install APK displayed in the menu.

How to open APK files on Android?

You can use a special tool AppTrans for installing and transferring APK files from PC to Android phone. If you want to directly install and run these files on your Android phone, just search a website on Chrome that has the required Android App and there will be a link to download its APK file.

Many pop-ups may appear during the process, accept them but make sure to use reputable sources. You can use any web browser from your phone to install these apps.

How to open APK files on Chromebook?

The best thing about Chromebook is the ease with which it can run APK files. The OS in it is Google chrome-based and thus it makes the working quite smooth. Chrome has a tool that helps in testing checking Android apps. It has a few simple steps:

  • Open Play Store with the help of Launcher
  • Search the app you want for Chromebook
  • Press “install” and after the process, the app will automatically open on Chromebook.

How to open APK files on iOS?

You should be aware that APK has been designed for Android not iOS or iPhone. You need to find a corresponding app in Apple App Store. The other way is to avail the app with the help of the developer through the IPA file.

You can convert your APK file to iOS by making use of MechDome Android to the iOS convertor. Just upload the compiled Android App on MechDome. The APK for iOS is referred to as .IPA file and it can be downloaded from Apple iTunes App Store. It may also be transferred to an iOS device when connected to a PC.

How to convert APK file into other extensions

How to convert APK file into other extensions

Convert to .BAR

How to convert APK file into other extensions

There is a option to convert it into BAR file extension. You can do this easily by using your android device.

Convert to .ZIP
The conversion to ZIP is easy. Just rename from the suffix .apk to the suffix .zip and you are done.
The ZIP file conversion is very easy. In the property section change the extension suffix to .zip.

Convert to .JAR

How to convert APK file into other extensions

The conversion to JAR is also easy. It is the same as .ZIP. Just rename it to the suffix .jar and you are done.Just rename the name of file from “File_name. Apk to File.JAR.

Convert to .EXE

How to convert APK file into other extensions

Its not possible convert it into .EXE File extension. The reason is because exe is a format of executable program.

Convert to .IPA

How to convert APK file into other extensions

This is not possible. On IOS device it can not be executed.

Uses of APK files

APK files can be used for a variety of purposes like:

  • Downloading and using leaked apps
  • Getting latest Google updates
  • Helping you get rid of restrictions imposed by Google to install and use some apps without worrying about region and area of use
  • Accessing such apps that are not provided through Play Store

Thus, APK files have a wide range of applications and they assist you to run your desired apps without any stress. You will not need to go through extensive processes and these files provide great outcome within a matter of few clicks. You just need to have awareness regarding their use on various systems and devices and the rest is sorted.

These guidelines will help you understand the use of various smart techniques and make the process a lot more convenient for you. You can enjoy your favourite games and install many other apps to get maximum opportunities. These files are usually available in a compressed format so you will need to understand these basics for your own good.


1.    Can APK be installed on iPhone?

You cannot open or install APK on iPhone and iPad and it can create great problem for you.

2.    Are Android Emulators legal for use?

Yes, the emulators are legal and perfect for being used officially. Bluestacks is excellent for serving the purpose and is fully certified.

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