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Dragon Hills v1.1.8 APK Free Download: On the off chance that you are an incredible admirer of Arcade fun games, today will be a decent day for you. I’m here with astounding arcade fun game and potentially the best arcade mythical beast game I have at any point played that is Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK. I’ve played numerous mythical beast games before like winged serpent city mod apk yet Nothing like this one.

Dragon Hills 1

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Rulers is hanging tight for her sovereign to protect her with his mythical serpents bouncing and sliding through the slope to slope to save here lovely sovereigns. This is the second round of mythical serpent slopes series created and distributed by Rebel twins. You going to adore this game in the wake of downloading.

Dragon Hills

The Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK is more cleaned and smooth than of past adaptations and more I like is further developed designs. There will be many spots to investigate in the game like privateer themed islands, Arabian deserts, and frigid mountains.


Indeed, Most individuals might believe that game is allowed to play and introduce so for what reason do we really want to download hack mod apk of the game. In this, you’re off-base in light of the fact that a significant number of in-game things need genuine buck from your pocket or time to get open. To this end there’s a thing called Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK which will give you limitless coins so you can buy anything you need.

In this article, I will share you download connection to Dragon slopes 2 mod apk + typical apk(for the people who could do without mod apks of the games). Furthermore, Importantly establishment subtleties which you should follow so you don’t say anything negative later that hack mod rendition isn’t running on my Android gadget.

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Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK Overview

In this form of the Dragon Hills, the princess trapped in the most recent high level city scape bothered with a zombie end of the world. Rather than a retribution energized surge, You will be after McGuffin which will permit you to do time travel and attempt to stop zombie end of the world before it deteriorates.

What’s more, under any condition, Princes has a mythical serpent mech, because of the reality she just does, and as opposed to using your blade without fail, you will get firearm weapon pickups on the disaster areas as you going to open them. How about we have look on a portion of the incredible highlights of this game.

Features of Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK

  • Slide down the slopes for bouncing into and out of the ground. Play the Dragon Hills 2 with crashing and annihilating everything to your way in this magnificent activity arcade game.
  • Investigate the amazing exciting and mystical terrains comprising of thousands of zombies, monsters, mythical beasts, notwithstanding part new amazements.
  • Very fun, quick moving and irate practical interactivity.
  • Numerous new and great spots to find comprising (structures, scaffolds, cars and that’s only the tip of the iceberg).
  • Strong manager fights, More than 28 pinnacles to play and Up to 5 totally elite and intriguing universes to find.
  • Upgradeable and adaptable weapons, mythical beasts and unstable energy-ups are free to opening in Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK.
  • Be that as it may, the Dragon Hills 2 Hack is not difficult to advance yet hard to dominate, instinctive one-contact controls mixed with present day ongoing interaction
  • There are Achievements and competitor lists stars to see who’s awesome among your companions.
  • Everything is raised on Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK. The improvements and designs feel more noteworthy special and thought out.
  • Each firearm in the Dragon Hills 2 have an alternate way, you can further develop winged serpents with more base mythical beast state, such as digging speed, and the super types of mythical serpents are great, while in the principal rendition of the Dragon slopes they have been in the really exchangeable put something aside for fundamental contrasts.
  • These comprise of a sky mythical beast that improves through the air, jaguar kind mech that essentially runs down the whole on a superficial level, and an inside and out Mecha-Godzilla kaiju mech complete up on chimney energy.
  • The Energy-ups are extra exciting as well. Rather than the freeze impact like in the principal game, you got bubble hurricane which will trap your all adversaries in innocuous air pockets.
  • Instead of 1 quick impact of comets, you will transform into a fantastic flying piece of force and address zeroed in lightning down on anything you desire a couple multiple times.
  • Furthermore, there will be a mythical serpent wave, which brings two or three mythical serpents for added obliteration and series houses.

Graphics and Sounds

At the point when you start the Dragon slopes 2 you will be extremely powerless, nearly frustratingly in this way, despite the fact that it’s short. There was be a curve of energy at the main game, however it wasn’t as immense so covered out sooner. The sort of upgrades have a gigantic effect, for the most part controls and astonishing mech structures, so it’s eventual worth saving as much as opening those uncommonly early.

One principal distinction in Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK which I noticed quickly falling off the impact points of replaying the essential is that now when you going to run solidly into a divider or steep slope or building, you’ll before long beginning digging through it and climbing, though in first game your energy may be beaten.

Last Words

I suppose on the off chance that you are valid winged serpent sweethearts, you should download this game and in the event that affection arcade activity game, Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK is something that you ought to attempt. Try not to get dependent on this game as the game is excessively astounding and habit-forming.

I truly want to believe that you effectively downloaded and introduced the game on your Android gadget. while perhaps not then remark beneath your inquiry. The game merits playing in the event that you play it with your companions so remember to enlighten your companions concerning this game.

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