Axey PMT Among Us Mod Menu APK Free Download

Axey PMT Among Us Mod Menu APK Free Download: One of the action games that stands out for its original gameplay is Among Us. The interest of gamers is piqued by it. Because of this, it has become a popular game on mobile devices. At the same time, very few programmers have used their abilities to create updated versions of the software. APKPuresafe has talked about a few of the most impressive mods.

Axey PMT Among Us Mod Menu

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Axey PMT Among Us Mod Menu Review:

The narrative is exactly the same as it was in the first game. However, modded games, such as Axey PMT Among Us Mod Menu, have unlocked a great deal of the premium content found within the game. For example, this mod menu will allow you to enjoy more than 08 groups of all hacks at the same time. Player, Host, Troll, Account, and Fun are just a few examples among many others. Because of this, it is not difficult to unlock the Player’s Skills, Skins, Hats, Pets, and other powers.

Axey PMT Among Us Mod Menu

Download this most recent mod for free while it’s still available on this website. In comparison to the other participants, you will have access to a multitude of advantages. If you have ever participated in the Among Us game, then you are already familiar with the game’s narrative. One primary goal has been established for the entirety of the spaceship’s crew.

They discover those who are pretending to be them and punish them. The fantastic part, however, is that you have the option of picking a character for yourself, either a crewmate or an impostor. You will be responsible for various things in either scenario. You will find that the Axey PMT Mod Menu is useful for both characters. Indeed, it has granted free access to a number of previously locked premium services. And you are able to perform significantly better in order to finish all of the jobs.

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Features of the Axey PMT Among Us Mod Menu:

In point of fact, it is a thrilling yet unapproved version of the main game that was modified by Axey. The following cheats are guaranteed to be available to you once you have successfully installed it.

Player Menu

  • Spam report on the Show Crew and Impostor
  • Make Some Noise During the Meeting
  • Move in Vent
  • Lack of a Meeting Cooldown
  • Lights for Sabotage
  • Repair Sabotage
  • Teleport Outside/Inside
  • Zoom (0-20)
  • Speed (0-30)
  • Distance from the Torch (0-100)
  • Check out Ghost and Chat.
  • Close Doors

Account Settings/Menu

  • Unlock Skins
  • Unlock Pets, Hats

Misc Menu

  • No Ads
  • The Failure to Leave Penalty
  • Increased Number of Reports
  • Verify That It Was Injected
  • Custom Name Language for the Long Kill of Players 2/3

Additional Menus

The following menus contain dozens of different cheats for the game.

  • Host menu
  • Menu for Editing the Host Name
  • Fun Menu
  • Troll Menu for the Host
  • Menu for Detected Modifications

You won’t have any trouble getting into these cheats. After you have entered the game, you should just use the floating window that is located on the left side. Its services are provided at no cost to the user. Instead, it is automatically provided as a free download to all Android users. You won’t find any advertisements on it other than what’s already there.

However, in order to make it last for a longer period of time, you will need to follow a few specific steps. To begin, you should never use multiple cheats at the same time. Otherwise, the functionality of the programme will be compromised. Utilize the toggles to inject the characteristics that are desired the most. Since the mod contains a lot of different strategies for both positive and negative roles, you have the option to play any one.


There is no question that Axey PMT Among Us Mod Menu is a streamlined game that packs a significant number of features. The gameplay and the path to triumph will appeal to many people. Additionally, the artwork and character designs are of a charming quality. Your objective is to expose the fraudsters who are preventing the spaceship from landing on earth.

Using the voting system, this is entirely feasible. Your starship can be saved if you find the crooks in a timely manner and bring them to justice. In general, it has a compelling narrative. And the Axey PMT Mod Menu enhances its already stunning appearance. You will enjoy it with your mates.

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